Specialist solar installer for

Double-storey Homes

Your beloved double storey home deserves solar panels installed by specialists who don’t take short cuts
Equivalent trees planted

equivalent trees planted

Tonnes of carbon saved

tonnes of carbon saved

solar panels installed

solar panels installed

Choosing a solar installer is hard

Many solar companies will work on homes they have no experience with.

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We specialise in double storey homes only. There are complexities that not many solar installers know about.

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We are not a sales company. We hire and train our own employees.

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Feeling overwhelmed by so many different choices in products and installers?

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Want to deal with one person from start to finish? From the quote all the way to completion?

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Double storey homes in construction

Double-storey houses

You love your home. Its the largest asset you own.

It keeps you warm and safe.

Your are proud of the home you live in.

And so you only want the most experienced and qualified people to work on your home. You want to know that you hired the best.

That’s what we can give you.

Peace of mind.

When you hire us, you know there are no better solar company out there that understands your home better than we do.

Customers we've helped

Every single customer we've helped install solar or batteries for have been extremely happy and satisfied with our service. You can take a look.

The entire process felt flawless. I didn't have to ask where things were at.

Installation was also amazing. They kept to their word, and knew what they were doing.

I haven't had to do anything more than I absolutely have to.

Bill Selikoff



From start to finish you made a very complex process so simple.

Our home and roof is really big. They made the quoting and installation simple for me to understand. They also helped me wrap my head around the rebates and tariffs.

They arrived at 9am as promised and finished 2 hours ahead of schedule.

The inspector arrived later, and was impressed by the workmanship.

Laura Burns

Glen Iris


Chris and the guys at Solar future did an amazing job.

It’s been a few months, and I’m saving about $200/month. It looks like I’ll be able to get my money back within 5 years.

Esther Jennifers



I found Solar Future really easy to deal with from start to finish.

‍Solar Future was a little higher than the others, but I think the value and expertise they delivered was far more important to me.

I believe I made the best decision I could have made.

Jen Wittrod



I chose Solar Future as I wanted to deal with the same person from design through to installation and preferred to support small businesses.

Chris was that person.

He held my hand through the entire process and made me feel like it was going to be a breeze.

He took the time to answer all of my questions.

I made it really hard on Chris because I changed my mind a few times, but he was still able to accomodate my requests.

The installation process was also a breeze.

I am really happy my home was installed by Chris,.

I would definitely recommend him and Solar Future to all my friends and neighbours.

Mike Daniels



all over Australia

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27 projects

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18 projects

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45 projects

How else we can help you

Solar panels are not the only thing we can help with.

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Helping you become energy independent by having your own batteries

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Lower your energy bills by taking a look at your bill and household appliances

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Helping you transition to fully electric by installing home chargers for your Electric Vehicle

Services that we offer



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A Solar Future employee will contact you and we will likely come and visit your home to get a good look at your roof.

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