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Want to have solar panels installed without interruptions to your business?

2 hours max downtime at night. Guaranteed.

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Solar Panels installed


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My vision is to help other businesses achieve their goals in an environmentally sustainable way.

We live comfortably in a first world environment. It is up to us, the wealthiest 10% of the world, that should do our bit to fight climate change and lead by example.

Afraid of business downtime?

Keeping your business running is critical.

What we do is arrange for noisy or disruptive works during the weekend so as to minimise interruption to your business.

What about your return on your investment?

You've heard that solar panels can reduce your power bill.

But by how much?

We know that all business decisions need to be a good investment.

Some our of customers found positive return on investment within the first 5 years.

It depends on how much energy you use, and when you use it.

Not sure how long panels last?

The longer the panels last, the more return on investment you get.

The less time and hassle you spend on maintenance.

Did you know there are panels out there with a 30 year warranty, and inverters with 10 years warranty?

We guarantee our work for 10 years. This means we will come and fix any issues or swap out faulty equitment free of charge.

Who we are

We are a family owned solar panel installer in Melbourne. We believe that we can all make a difference in the world’s fight to reverse climate change.

Join us and do your bit against the greedy world leaders and climate deniers that refuse to lift a finger.

"Solar Future just understood our problems.

They were able to reduce our power bill by over 80% and we couldn't be happier.

We feel fantastic for being able to cut our energy costs significantly while also contributing to saving the environment.

Our customers also appreciate our contribution."

Neslie Keith

What our customers say

We can highly recommend Solar Future for anyone looking at getting solar for their home. They are a very professional company - always kept up to date on everything from when we got a quote to the time of installation.

We feel like we were well taken care of. Now our solar panels powers our lives and we are very happy.

-Ronald Leslie

We are extremely happy with service received from Solar Future. The team were on time,  professional and explained everything. The app allows me to monitor my production and consumption.

The system has been operating for a few months now, and we just love that our car is being powered by the sun.

- Steph Nathan

The panels we use


993 * 1700 * 35mm
18.9 kg
42 ± 3 °C

Extremely good shading tolerance
Lower internal current
Lower hot spot temperature
Heavy snow load up to 5400 Pa

Bob Flinders, Founder and CEO

Bob is an electrician by trade and a solar energy lover by heart.

He started Solar Future when he had an underwhelming experience getting a solar system installed at his own home.

He felt that the the people he received quotes from didn't have a passion for what they did, and only wanted to be the cheapest.

He later found that many of them had gone broke just 12 months afterwards. Bob became determined to show that installing solar can be sustainable.

Our Team

Everyone on our team is passionate about fighting climate change the right and ethical way.  We are all driven everyday to deliver the best experience to your house using world’s best practices.

And we’ve been doing it for over 6 years.

Kieran Nash

Debbie Sanders

James Watney

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